недеља, 13. јануар 2013.

First Day at Work

1. Startup

While downloading the game I made my spreadsheet again, I visited the forums, trying to get updated on the changes in the game, with all of that done my game had finished downloading and now I activated hours for plex, entered the game, bought the PLEX for around 572 million ISK, and I found some items in inventory, which I put up on the market, and started looking for potential items for me to invest my ISK and setup my operations again.

My POS was destroyed, so in the upcoming time I will have to reinvest in that area again so I can continue with invention, but at the moment I will stay with BPCs from contracts, on T1 items, maybe some lucrative T2 items, and about T3 items I know nothing about, so for now i will stay out of this area.

2. Day 1

Items I had in my inventory
The first day I bought PLEX, sold items I already had and invested in some manufacturing (which isn't shown on the spreadsheet on this picture) and all in all I made around 648 million ISK profit that day and had 3 of my manufacturing lines running, so I am happy with the way I started this.

3. Future Plans

The plan is to get into serious trading again, running all my orders, playing the 0.01 ISK game, building the capital fast, so I can get my POS up and running again so I can return to invention and manufacturing again, also I will need to finance my other account with my invention character.

The goal is to setup a medium POS for running 20 research jobs 24/7, and maybe some assembly arrays so I don't have to depend on free slots around jita.

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