среда, 23. јануар 2013.

Planetary Interaction

1. Introduction

A couple of days ago I told you that I started doing some PI, and here I am writing about it. First I have Remote Sensing, Planetology, Command Centres Upgrades, Interplanetary Consolidation at IV, and Advanced Planetology at III. My goal at this PI is to use as little time as possible on managing the planets, and hauling the goods, and make some decent passive income. As I am pretty new at this PI stuff, I can't tell you exactlly how much profit I expect, but let's just say that I will be more than happy if it coveres at least 50% of my future POS fuel costs (More on POS in the upcoming posts).

2. Setup

I have 5 planets (2 gas, 1 barren, 1 oceanic, 1 storm) they are located 7 jumps from jita, so I can from station manage my colonies. On 4 planets I have extractors and some processors to process raw goods, that I export from the planet and import on a barren planet on which I make Condensates.

On the frist gas planet I extract Noble Gas and precess it in Oxygen, on the second gas planet I extract Reactive Gas and make Oxidizing Compound, on oceanic I extract Aquetous Liquids and make Water, and on storm I extract Ionic Solutions and make Electrolytes.

On barren planet I have 4 Coolant Factories. For one cycle that makes 5 units of Coolant, I need 40 Water and 40 Electrolytes. I also have 4 Oxides Factories. For one cycle that makes 5 units of Oxides I need 40 Oxygen and 40 Oxidizing Compound. And I have 4 factories that make Condensates, for one cycle that makes 3 Condensates I need 10 Coolant and 10 Oxides, all cycles last 1 hour.

3. End

In the end I know this is FAR from ideal setup, I just don't have the nerves to float around space in search of good planets, and if they are far from Jita, I will lose a lot of time from my main proffession which is trading, we will see in the end of the month on how much profit did I make, full report of this activity will be made.

субота, 19. јануар 2013.


1. Trading Update 

The first week has gone past, and I have made around 1.5 billion ISK profit so far (note that I had some items when I came back just sitting in my inventory and I didn't know the price I bought them)

Click to enlarge
Let's analyze a bit these numbers:

Day 1: I brought a PLEX and sold all the items I had, also I invested a large chunk of my ISK into production of 15 Myrmidons, and still I made decent profit because of the items I already had.

Day 2: Nothing fancy was traded, but I sold all of my 15 Myrmidons, so I made a nice profit.

Day 3: I didn't play that much on day 3 i only invested into 15 Myrmidons again, so a huge "loss" that day.

Day 4: There wasn't really some trading activity, I just sold my 15 Myrmidons, bought and sold a lot of Silos, and making a good profit that day.

Day 5:

Click to enlarge
On day 5 there was a lot of trading activity, which resulted in a nice profit of around 122 million ISK, all just by trading nothing from manufacturing

Day 6:

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Here I had A LOT of trading activity but also i had some expences for my manufacturing buisiness (item name will be revealed when i stop manufacturing them because I make a good profit still from it, and I don't want any competition, sorry)

Day 7: Nothing much really, low trading activity, selling the manufactured items, reinvesting in them again led to a profit of around 4 million ISK that day.

Day 8: I just sold manufactured items and played with PI a bit (I will post about that in a couple of days)

Day 9: Just started for me and I just invested in manufacturing, but since it is going to be finished today it is not the final report for day 9.

2. Manufacturing Update

Here are some manufacturing numbers so far:

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недеља, 13. јануар 2013.

First Day at Work

1. Startup

While downloading the game I made my spreadsheet again, I visited the forums, trying to get updated on the changes in the game, with all of that done my game had finished downloading and now I activated hours for plex, entered the game, bought the PLEX for around 572 million ISK, and I found some items in inventory, which I put up on the market, and started looking for potential items for me to invest my ISK and setup my operations again.

My POS was destroyed, so in the upcoming time I will have to reinvest in that area again so I can continue with invention, but at the moment I will stay with BPCs from contracts, on T1 items, maybe some lucrative T2 items, and about T3 items I know nothing about, so for now i will stay out of this area.

2. Day 1

Items I had in my inventory
The first day I bought PLEX, sold items I already had and invested in some manufacturing (which isn't shown on the spreadsheet on this picture) and all in all I made around 648 million ISK profit that day and had 3 of my manufacturing lines running, so I am happy with the way I started this.

3. Future Plans

The plan is to get into serious trading again, running all my orders, playing the 0.01 ISK game, building the capital fast, so I can get my POS up and running again so I can return to invention and manufacturing again, also I will need to finance my other account with my invention character.

The goal is to setup a medium POS for running 20 research jobs 24/7, and maybe some assembly arrays so I don't have to depend on free slots around jita.

петак, 11. јануар 2013.

The Return

1. The Return

Hello all, sorry for my absence I had some real life problems, and couldn't play, but I will be back and running in the upcoming days, I have to rebuild everything from scratch, I need to analyze the market, to make a spreadsheet again, to startup a manufacturing and invention process, well all in all it will be a fun journey, so I hope you will enjoy my upcoming blog posts. See you all soon.

петак, 20. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 16

1. Day 16

Today I sold all of the 20 Covetors produced and all Medium Trimark Armor Pump II, I decided to reinvest into T2 rig production again, and invested around 1 billion ISK, and made 108 million ISK profit, all in all, and at the moment I am in loss of just 100 million ISK, if the things go this way in the next two weeks I expect, a healthy profit of around 1 billion ISK to be made in total in the second month.

2. Some Plans

I have found some profitable items to manufacture, and I will be looking into the possiability of making them in the upcoming days.

I don't think that in the end it will be necesary from me to put shares on the market, as it seems that I can manage my operations without extra capital.

среда, 18. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 15

1. Day 15

Today I invested 1 billion ISK into production, around 599 million ISK went into manufacturing of Covetor, 289 million ISK went into Medium Trimark Armor Pump II, and 219 million isk into production of 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II, also the batch of 760 AutoCannons is done and will be sold tomorrow.

I will produce 20 Covetors, for around 2.5 million profit each, I bought 2 BPCs each has 10 runs, so two slots go on that, it will be done in about 10 hours, so it will be some nice ISK income and fast.

Medium Trimark Armor Pump II, I will make 5 of those, the will be done in 6 hours 40 minutes, I am using 5 slots for them.

125mm Gatling AutoCannon II will take my 3 slots for now, when all of this is done it will maybe go for more or I will reinvest again in some other items that I have set my eyes on.

уторак, 17. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 13

1. Day 13

Today I decided to invest around 700 million ISK into production of Drakes, at the time I decided to make them their price was 65 million ISK in Jita, and the cost was around 52 million ISK to maket them, so it was a good investment. I bought 3 BPCs ME: 75, PE: 10, Runs: 5 for 2.2 million ISK each, I could make 15 of them. I bought the minerals, created a contract for hauling to my manufacturing station, and started up the production, which took 13 hours, later, I checked the prices again and it turns out that they have fallen to 55 million ISK a piece. My profit with taxes will be around 16 million ISK, which is not good, well I will at least have my money back and some extra.

Also I am finishing up a production of 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 770 of them to be precise, an the estimates are that I will be landing around 200 million ISK profit from that. My invention is also up and running again, tomorrow I will have some new BPCs to make one item that I will test in the following days, investment is minimum, and the profit is around 50% in the early estimates, we will see how that goes.

In the invention I invested around 120 million ISK today, totaling me a loss for the day 13 around 900 million ISK.

2. Month 2 so far

Curently I am in loss of 1.4 billion ISK, plus in the upcoming days I will have to buy a new PLEX, with all the projects going on I am hoping to start generating profit in around 7 days from now. I am a bit pessimistic and I honestly doubt that I will have any profit at the end of the month, but lets hope for the best. The loss of 600 million ISK is really killing me, and now seeing that hauling costs almost nothing, I am droping my plans to train for a freighter, because it will be a waste of 30 days for training for one, and also I have to buy one for around 1.2-1.3 billion ISK, also there is a risk of losing it and at the moment I am not ready to take that risk.

With all that in mind I now don't know what to train Nikola Dorcolac for, maybe return to my main, and train him up for PvP, or invest time into PI, or make another manufacturing character, I have to decide which one will bring me the most fun.