уторак, 17. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 13

1. Day 13

Today I decided to invest around 700 million ISK into production of Drakes, at the time I decided to make them their price was 65 million ISK in Jita, and the cost was around 52 million ISK to maket them, so it was a good investment. I bought 3 BPCs ME: 75, PE: 10, Runs: 5 for 2.2 million ISK each, I could make 15 of them. I bought the minerals, created a contract for hauling to my manufacturing station, and started up the production, which took 13 hours, later, I checked the prices again and it turns out that they have fallen to 55 million ISK a piece. My profit with taxes will be around 16 million ISK, which is not good, well I will at least have my money back and some extra.

Also I am finishing up a production of 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II 770 of them to be precise, an the estimates are that I will be landing around 200 million ISK profit from that. My invention is also up and running again, tomorrow I will have some new BPCs to make one item that I will test in the following days, investment is minimum, and the profit is around 50% in the early estimates, we will see how that goes.

In the invention I invested around 120 million ISK today, totaling me a loss for the day 13 around 900 million ISK.

2. Month 2 so far

Curently I am in loss of 1.4 billion ISK, plus in the upcoming days I will have to buy a new PLEX, with all the projects going on I am hoping to start generating profit in around 7 days from now. I am a bit pessimistic and I honestly doubt that I will have any profit at the end of the month, but lets hope for the best. The loss of 600 million ISK is really killing me, and now seeing that hauling costs almost nothing, I am droping my plans to train for a freighter, because it will be a waste of 30 days for training for one, and also I have to buy one for around 1.2-1.3 billion ISK, also there is a risk of losing it and at the moment I am not ready to take that risk.

With all that in mind I now don't know what to train Nikola Dorcolac for, maybe return to my main, and train him up for PvP, or invest time into PI, or make another manufacturing character, I have to decide which one will bring me the most fun.

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