петак, 20. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 16

1. Day 16

Today I sold all of the 20 Covetors produced and all Medium Trimark Armor Pump II, I decided to reinvest into T2 rig production again, and invested around 1 billion ISK, and made 108 million ISK profit, all in all, and at the moment I am in loss of just 100 million ISK, if the things go this way in the next two weeks I expect, a healthy profit of around 1 billion ISK to be made in total in the second month.

2. Some Plans

I have found some profitable items to manufacture, and I will be looking into the possiability of making them in the upcoming days.

I don't think that in the end it will be necesary from me to put shares on the market, as it seems that I can manage my operations without extra capital.

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