петак, 02. март 2012.

Day 18 of Month 2

1. Day 18 Analasys

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These are the items we traded today, we are suffering a loss, because we invested into manufacturing some items, which are now finished and waiting the delivery to jita to be sold, for some nice profit. Today I finished this spreadsheet on google docs so both of us can use it, just to keep track of our profit numbers. 

Today we had some buissiness talks with a couple of guys, which went pretty well, we have aranged some T2 BPCs for us to be invented, on a large scale. We got deal with two guys to mass produce some items for us which we will later on sell, overall looking back on today it was really god day, and I only hope we continue this in future.

2. Roles

Nikola Dorcolac - CEO, Director of Industry & Manufacturing
Chin Upson - Senior Director & Joint Partner
Kruper - Trading Partner
Ohaya Togenada - Director of Logistics & Intersolar Trade

Note: Kruper and Ohaya are Chin's alts.
With this we basiclly want to say for all manufacturing related stuff, you can contact me, and for trading stuff you can contact Chin.

3. Offers

We are still looking for mining corporations, also we are on the look for manufacturing corporations for bulk orders, we are willing to haul anywhere in high-sec. Also anyone who has some buissiness idea, proposal, wants to work with us feel free to contact us, we are opet to any suggestions.

4. Recruitment

We will soon be opening our doors to new members, more info on this soon.

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