четвртак, 01. март 2012.

Day 17 of Month 2

1. First Mistake

Today we made our first mistake in producing one item and dumping it into sell orders, needles to say this tool we used, showed us the right numbers, but we overlooked some facts, and I guess we were blinded by our greed, hahahahahaha :) we made a mistake, fortunatly, it was not a big loss at all and we go out of this with our heads kept high, despite our loss, we learned a valuable lesson that in manufacturing buissiness you have to keep an extra eye open for any mistakes you may make, double, triple check everything before you decide to go to that deal, but we were honest to eachother and accepted that we made a mistake, and we can move on with our buissiness venture, it only made us stronger! We practiclly immidieatly recovered from the loss, and decided while we are looking for what items to make, we will stick to our current plan, make the items we make at the moment, and start up station trading buissiness again while we search for profitable items to produce.

2. Spreadsheet

We will be looking for someone to help us build a spreadsheet for our needs or to give us a general idea how to make one, if you are willing to help us, contact me or Chin Upson, if needed I will pay from my personal wallet for some help.

3. Still Looking for Corporation Partners

We are still looking for mining corporations to be our mineral supliers, feel free to contact us, or if the reader of this blog knows some mining corporation, help us get in touch with them, thanks. Also we are looking for some steady supply of researched BPCs of some ships, contact us for more info.

4. Numbers

At the moment I am unable to provide you with corporation numbers on profit/loss, etc, because we are looking to build a spreadsheet to help us keep track of our profits, hopefully it will be up and running soon. For the weekend I will invest some time in it, and I hope I can make it work.

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