петак, 30. март 2012.

The End

1. Corporation and Partnership over

The partnership between me and Chin Upson is over, main reason is that I won't be able to play the game anymore, so we decided to cash out, he got all of the liquid ISK from the corp, and some assets, I have gotten around 900 mill of assets as a pay out, and i am happy with it.

2. The New Beggining

Due to some real life issues I will be quitting the game, but one of my friends will play on my accounts untill I come back, he wants to tryout the manufacturing side of eve, he is an acomplished trader and a pvper on his characters, and this is his chance to get into manufacturing without spending much ISK on invention and manufacturing characters. When he started trading he got my Excel spreadsheet, worked on it a liitle bit, added some things, which you will be able to see in this blog since he plans on taking over it, so expect some posts explaining everything by him on his plan.

3. Apologize

I just wannted to say sorry that I didn't update regulary this blog, but in the last month I had so much trouble in real life, injury, college, and so on, I just didn't have the time.

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