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1. The "new" Nikola Dorcolac

Hello all, first off, my brief EVE history. I started playing maybe two years ago, and at the time i was just doing missions, it wasn't long before I got into raven and started doing LVL 4 missions. After doing them for a while I gained some ISK and shortly after I got my second account and a noctis on him for salvaging. Doing missions was fun at first using two accounts, making what i thought at a time is a lot of ISK, but soon I got bored of that, I joined some 0.0 corp, after some ratting, which are basicly easier than LVL 4 rats, and same ISK, and no PvP at all, i decided to quit the game. When i got back I tried doing some mining, but I didn't like that, so I went back to missions.

I finally got my good RL friend to play the game with me, he was Nikola Dorcolac, you know his history from this blog, after seeing how he did with his trading venture, maybe two months ago I decided to try myself at trading, and I apsolutley loved it. Nikola gave me some tips, showed me the "trade secrets" and I was making a lot of ISK, at the time I didn't use any spreadsheet, I thought it is a waste of time to make and so on, but as my buisiness grew I realised the need for one. Since I am an excel noob, Nikola showed me the basics, and gave me a copy of his spreadsheet, which i started using right away, and i changed it a bit so it suits my needs (you will have screenshots later on when I get home).

After doing some great job at trading, seeing Nikola doing some manufacturing I wanted to try that out, he also tought me everything he knew about manufacturing and invention, I started traning manufacturing, but it was a long time for PE V to train, but I guess I had a bit of luck when Nikola decided to quit the game, and left me both his invention and manufacturing character, so I will be doing some serious manufacturing in the future.

2. Future Plans

My future consists of  trading and a lot of invention and manufacturing, I will be investing major part of my funds into this area. I inted on skilling that invention char also for manufacturing, and manufacturing char for invention, on him I just need lab operation so it won't be a problem. When I finish skilling lab operation, I will go into skilling for a freighter. So in the near future I will be transfering invention char, to the account where is Nikola Dorcolac, that way i will cut the cost of 2 PLEXs for a month and I will be able to sustain a large POS, for research and manufacturing, i don't want to be dependant on the free slots around the universe, I want a constant place for my operations.

3. Partnerships

I will NOT be looking for partners to build up a corp, I like to work alone, but in the future maybe, I won't say that it is impossible. However I am looking for some buisiness partners if you have some bulk sales, I can take some orders if you want something made, etc. Also i will be looking for large supliers of ship BPCs in the near future.

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