среда, 29. фебруар 2012.

Day 16 of Month 2

1. Looking for Mining Corporation

We are at the moment looking for mining corporations to supply us with minerals at a steady rate once we decide on the products we intend to make. Anyone who is interested in working with us contact me (Nikola Dorcolac) or Chin Upson, so we can discuss some terms. The supply won't start right away, but we need to prepare ourselves to have a steady supply when the time comes to start up a production, so look at this as a pre-deal, we also won't rush into things, we want to se our options, thanks for understanding.  Note: we can haul our minerals, anywhere from high-sec.

2. Looking for researched BPCs

We are also looking for a steady supply of some researched ship BPCs, for more information on what we need contact us so we can arrange some buissiness.

3. The Organization of "Dorcol Trading INC." so far

Today me and Chin discussed about how our we going to do in the future, and we decided that for now we will not take new members or investments to our corp, we will be focusing on maximazing our production and trading capabilities, and only then we will expand our buissiness. Today he got hands on a Jump Freighter toon, and he also bought a Charon, which is a HUGE invesment, and tomorrow we will be able to see it in action, we already invested 150 million ISK in production yesterday, and around 170 million ISK in production today, which will payoff soon I hope.

4. Day 16 analasys

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Today I made 85 million ISK profit, with a 5.41% trade margin, and with a daily growth of -61.17% I guess that from now on my personal trading profit will decline, because soon I will not have any my orders, only corporation orders, so in the future, expect corporate profit reports, we will start posting those, when we make a spreadsheet and when we go fully operational.

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