петак, 24. фебруар 2012.

Day 11 of Month 2

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In this picture you can see all of the items I traded today, names are not shown because of the competition, I will just let you look at the numbers for now, today was a moderate day, nothing big happened, I had to reinvest some money in manufacturing one item (All transactions are written down, so i can track everything that goes through my hands, the manufacturing spreadsheet is connected to this one, and all the profit/loss form there is calculated in here also).
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As you can see in this picture i made 129 million today, with a profit margin of 7.64% which is quite nice for me, since I have seen some really low margins during my career, and i achived a 138.13% profit growth compared to the day before, which isn't surprising because I bought that 425 million blueprint i have been talking about.

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In this picture you can see the progress made so far in my second month. I have made 1.5 billion ISK in 11 days, I am really satisfied with that because it is more than enough to buy me 2 PLEX, and to fuel my POS for a month, and still have some leftover ISK, in the upcoming days i will me looking to invest more in some production, so I don't expect high end trade profit, because mu ISK will be redirected form market.

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