понедељак, 27. фебруар 2012.

First Business Partnership

1. First Partership

I am happy to announce my first business partnership with player named Chin Upson. Our end goal is to produce items, ships, and haul them to low-sec, and we hope to achive better profit than selling them in high-sec, but at the moment since we both lack skills, me in manufacturing department, and he needs a lot of training to do to get into Jump Freighter, so for now, we will focus just in high-sec trading, the idea is to invent T2 stuff, manufacture them and sell them. We will be in our full capacity in around a month, me beeing able to invent, manufacture almost everything, having 10 research, and 10 manufacturing jobs, and Chin being able to fly a regular freighter. He has joined my coorporation "Dorcol Trading INC." and we both invested 100 million ISK each into corporation, and we will use that money through corporation orders and playing the market for now to increase our startup capital for manufacturing in the weeks to come, after a month we will see how things are going, for now I honestly belive that this will work out. There are also a few ongoing negotations, which I hope will work as good as this one has.

2. Second Partnership

As I am writing this blog post, one more oppertunity has come accross, a player who whishes to stay anonymys, offer to be my BPC and small mineral suplier, he basicly has every ship BPO researched, so I am looking forward to working with him, it looks like we will both profit from this deal.

3. Day 14 Analasys
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Today it has not been a good day for my profit, I sufferd 61 million ISK loss, mainly because I invested in corporation 100 million ISK and another 131 million ISK into manufacturing, tomorrow I hope it will be a better day, but considering those 2 partnerships I can't hardly say that it will be.

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