субота, 25. фебруар 2012.

Day 12 of Month 2

1. Day 12 Analasys

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Here is the list of items traded today. It was a slow day, since i had some rl issues, and i uppdated my orders 3 or 3 times in total, but it was good, since i made 143 million ISK profit, and i had a 11.10% profit growth from yesterday, with a 8.14% profit margin which isn't that bad.

2. High fee and tax costs

At the moment the fees and taxes are pretty much killing me, because I only have Accounting IV and Brooker's Relations III, I am seriously considering on maxing those two skills, and doing some missions to gain standigs to lower even more my fees. During the period of 1 Month and 12 days, I spent a total of 901 million ISK in brooker's fees and 312 million ISK in taxes, total of 1.2 billion ISK practicly wasted.

3. Investment oppertunity

Today I had a plan to invest in one BPO and the matirials to produce that item, after some calculations it turned out that I had to invest near 500 million ISK for the plan, which could land me around 55-60 million ISK a day, but I wasn't ready yet to invest that kind of money yet because I am already suffering a big loss in my manufacturing department, and I am waiting to get up on my feet again in a couple of days with it, so prepare in the upcoming days there will be again some big investments in my manufacturing department.

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