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How it all began


Hello all, my name is Nikola Dorcolac, and i started trading in december when i got bored of running L4 missions all the time. As a startup capital I sent ISK from my main character to this newborn trader, the ammount of 20.000.000 (20 million) ISK was sent to startup a small trading buissines.

Character was created, and immidieatly I started training him to become a large scale trader, first i trained, a couple of bassic skills, Trade IV, Brooker's Relations III, Accounting IV, Retail II, Gallente Industrial III, Mechanic III and Hull Upgrades II, at that moment i thought that i would do some regional trading, and i needed a hauler, which became usless after a few days when i decided to do sation trading in Jita 4-4, but in the upcoming weeks it proved that he was usefull afterall, more on that later.


First items i started trading were ships, destroyers, and frigates mostly. I discovered that those ships moved damn slow, and landed me about 5.000.000 (5 million) ISK profit a day, i was expecting a better return, since I have read on all forums, that traders make large amounts of ISK in small amount of time, but at the same time I knew i need to have more ISK to make even more ISK. After a few days i had around 30-40 million ISK, and was now looking for new items that i could trade that moved faster, that will land me more profit than the ships, I spent a lot of time finding those items, and i started trading Warp Scrambler II, and X-Large Shield Booster 2, they were cheap items, wiht profit margins of about 100-200 thousand ISK per item, seems a bit low, but since they move really fast, I started landing 20 million ISK a day, I was really happy with how things were going, because if the growth trent continues i will have for a PLEX and more money to invest.


After about 15 days i had around 300 milion ISK in my wallet, and i saw this huge oppertunity there were 100 Retrievers in Amarr that were cheaper around 500-750 thousand ISK that the ones in Jita, I had no cash on my trader toon, but i transfered the cash from my main, 460 million ISK and i was able to buy them all. I had my doubts about this deal, but i sad to myself, just do it, and it was a success. I set up a courier contract, and the items were shortly deliverd to Jita 4-4, and it landed me about 50-60 million ISK profit, sorry but i can't remember the exact ammount. I trained than Margin Trading III, and it really increased my turnover significantly.


Now that i had nearly 900 million ISK in my wallet, I started thinking what else could I do besides trading that could give me some sort of a passive income, I stardet training for Planetary Interaction (PI), did the training Command Center Upgrades to III and Interplanetary Consolidation to III, Planetology and Remote Sensing to IV, which later proved that it was a waste of time since I didn't put much effort into PI, I was just to lazy, I discovered that I didn't like it that much as I thought I would.


I wannted to try myself in industry, so i trained Productio Efficiency to V, Industry to V, Mass Production IV, and during the training period I continued trading and i had around 2 billion ISK, at that time I also noticed that in order to make things myselff and sell them I needed science toon, i sent a friend invitation to myself, bought a PLEX, now I had 2 accounts, on that second account i was skilling up for resaerch at first, and invention later, i bought a corp for 75 million ISK on my second account, so i could set up a POS one day to do my own research. By the time mine manufacturing training was complited I had around 3.5 billion ISK and was ready to invest, but didn't know what. I decided to build up some POS moduels, which was later proven to be a good decision, because in 5 days I made a staggering 600 million profit, but those items moved really slow, so i decided not to make them anymore. I started thinking of making a manufacturing corp, and selling shares to collect some startup capital, I had a good buissiness plan to present to market forums, but decidet, to pull it off myself, since I didn't like the idea of me answering to someone else than me, so I decided to be my own boss, and started up Dorcol Trading INC just for fun. (Dorcol is part of Belgrade where I live).
After that I set up my own POS, bought a couple of rig BPOs, and starded researching, 2 BPOs are now researched and are now in production, and they have really nice profit. I was still on a look for a potencial BPO that could give me constant high profit on long term so i bought a ship BPO for 450 million isk, and it is currently in research.

At the end of this long post I want to say that in the upcoming blog you can expect, daily updates, pictures, etc, this is just a beckground story so you can know how it all began, thanks for reading, hope you liked it.

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