недеља, 26. фебруар 2012.

Day 13 of Month 2

1. Day 13 Analasys
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As you can see today I didn't sell a lot of items, most of them i bought, but at the end of the day I made 172 million ISK profit, with a nice 20.46% profit growth from a previous day, and a 10.96% profit margin. I am happy for today how things worked out since I didn't have any luck getting the items.

2. Manufacturing Profit

My manufacturing profit is finally recovering from a big loss because of big BPO purchase (mentioned in earlier posts) and tomorrow i will finally fully recover from a loss, and reinvestments into materials for manufacturing rigs won't take me aggain into loss.

3. Upcoming Big Investment

This has been mentioned earlier, and I am still running some numbers and doing a market analasys to see if it is a good investment in long term. At the moment, I need 75 million ISK for the BPO, and around 1 billion ISK for the matirials for a couple of days of production, but the potencial profit for this item is about 55 million ISK a day, which is great, considering that my most profitable item is around 20 million ISK a day, but also i have much, much less to invest in that. One of my problems with this investment is that I don't have a freighter at the moment, and I need to find someone who will move my goods to the manufacturing location, I know that this isn't THAT hard, but I just prefere to do it on my own.

I currently have 3 billion ISK sitting at my wallet, 1.3 billion ISK in sell orders and 1 billion ISK in escrow (about 5-6 billion in buy orders, which i can sustain at all time, since the things are moving a bit slow these days) and I don't like my ISK sitting at my wallet basicly being usless, this is why I am ready for this big investment, big for me, sinice i never invested that kind of money in manufacturing, but I want to make sure it is good investment.

4. Invention Char Training

Finally Science V is done on my invention alt, and now going for mechanic V so i could invent some T2 ships, I hope that in 10 days time I will be able to finally start the invention of them, also my manufacturing char is a couple of days from being able to make them, so it all fits perfectly. Also I am looking to start T2 ship components as soon as possible.

5. Buissiness Proposal

Today some people showd interest in working with me, we will see how that gose I honestly hope that in the future we can reach some sort of agreement profitable for everyone. In the upcoming days I will know more about this.

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