петак, 24. фебруар 2012.

Future Plans

1. Skill on my trading/industry character to do T2 production
Bassicly my intention here is skilling up  all necesary skills needed for T2 production, and later on branch out to max those skills that I will need for making items i find profitabe. And at a same time skilling up my other character for invention of those items i intend to produce, when he is done i will skill another character just for research just to have more research jobs available.

2. Skill up for a freighter
As the ammount of materials and minerals rise, i can not use my Iteron Mark III for large scale hauling, and in order to cut down on time wasting jumping back and forth, and also to save up the ISK from courier contracts, and also make some money hauling for people.

3. Skilling up multiple characters for production
I intend to skill 1 or maybe 2 more characters just for production, another 10 or 20 manufactoring slots would be really nice for my income, still not sure if I will go with plan 3 or plan 4 first, yet to be decided.

4. Finish skilling up for PI and setting it up for some serious production 
And finally when goals 1 and 2 are completed I will put more time in PI skills on every character on both my accounts, I was thinking Comand Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolitadion IV, so i can setup some serious P4 production, to make mi passive income, that will cover the cost for my PLEX, to be honest, I didn't run any numbers so I don't know how much income i can make with 6 characters and 5 planets per toon, will do that in the upcoming weeks.

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