уторак, 28. фебруар 2012.

Day 15 of Month 2

1. Day 15 Analasys
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Today it was a good day considering I didn't play that much, I earnet 220 million ISK, with a 458.59% daily growth and a profit margin of 13.15% I am happy with the ressults of today.

2. Buissiness Plan with my partner

We talked today about our corporation organization and how things will work in the future. He decided to invest 1.5 billion ISK into the corporation for the purpose of getting new BPOs and getting the materials for our production, and already today we have invested around 150 million ISK already into production and one BPO, which is being researched in our POS. He has done some market research, and he did a really god job. At the moment he is in the proces of getting a freighter alt, and in couple of days when it is in his hands, we will start some large scale production, but the only problem is that only I can manufacture at the moment, and can run only 5 slots, in the future we hope to have 10 slots on my character and 10 on his, so we can run pretty much insanly large scale operations. We also decided that on our trading characters we slowly move our personal orders to corporation orders.  He has had some talks with some mining corporations, and we hope that our corporations will have large benefits from eachother in the future. We have a deal that each of us takes 25% profit, and the rest 50% we reinvest into our buissiness, but yet to be decided do we take the profit out weekly or once every 15 days, or once a month, anyway, there is still a lot of work ahead of us, and we will see how it goes.

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