понедељак, 02. април 2012.

Day Analasys 2

1. Day Analasys 2

Today I didn't play that much, I just sold the stuff I manufactured for around 800 million ISK, but didn't trade anything else besides that, just some buy orders god filled, nothing big, tomorrow I will be selling all those things, I am expecting around 150 million ISK profit.

2. End of Month

Tomorrow will be the end of my first month of doing buisiness and using spreadsheet, so expect a monthly report, I am quite happy with how things went for me, a lot of ISK was made, and a lot of skills have been trained, i expect a good growth in the upcoming second month, we will see how it goes.

3. Looking for 

At the moment I am looking for large quantities of speciffic ammo types, so if you, or your corporation is interested in building some for me, at decent prices, don't hesitate to contact me via Evemail, if I am not answering your convo invite, that means I am just afk, I am not ignoring, so don't get upset.

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