среда, 04. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 1

1. Day Analasys

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Today I decided to invest into manufacturing and make those T2 BPCs that I have, there are mod BPCs, T2 rig BPCs, and some T2 ship BPCs, so i went out there and bought all the materials needed and the end cost ended up to be around 1.6 billion ISK, it would have been 1 billion ISK if there weren't that suicide gank. I had to buy some of the materials again, and I guess I won't be reaching my goal for this month, I need to recover fast from this, so as my slots are runing their jobs I will push trading more.

2. First Suicide Gank

I have been suicide ganked for the first time now, and I lost around 600 million ISK, I wasn't flying AFK to my manufacturing location or anything, it was just bad luck for me, and great luck for the ganker, he targeted me as I was warping from one gate to another, from now on on such large operations I will use courier services, better to give 25 million as a reward to hauler, than to lose 600 million ISK, at least untill I get my own freighter.

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