четвртак, 05. април 2012.

Month 2 Day 2

1. Day Analasys

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Today I made a total profit of 68 million ISK, with a profit margin 3.58%, but also I have invested around 54 million on T2 rig invention.

2. Manufacturing so Far

In the second month I am currentlly at loss in manufacturing department of around 720 million ISK, totaling my loss at 347 million ISK including previous month in which I made around 370 million ISK. Keep in mind that the items are being produced at the moment, and I am waiting to finish all of the production so I can haul my goods to Jita, most likely using an hauling services. When I am done selling all the items I will hopefully recover my losses from that suicide gank, and will land me some nice profits, alowing me to reinvest into this again. Invention is going according to plan, nothing to say about that part for now.

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