уторак, 03. април 2012.

First Month Report

1. Day Analasys

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Today I earned 108 million ISK, which is a bit low, considering my predictions were around 150 million, but to be honest I didn't play that much today, so better that than nothing.

2. Month Analasys

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As you can see in my first month I made 2.7 billion ISK, this is somewhat low, as I have seen the potential profit, I started manufacturing maybe 7 days ago, and made around 370 million ISK very fast and I am looking at around 50% profit margin from manufacturing, so in next month I will be focusing more to manufacturing, as the profits are really high. In invention i invested a total around 539 million ISK, but you may say now that it is a bit high considering how much I made with manufacturing, please keep in mind that at the moment I have 90 T2 BPCs that are waiting to be manufactured, so the costs of that will be easily covered.

3. Plans for Second Month

I am planning on expanding manufacturing buisiness, I hope that my manufacturing slots are running 24/7, hopefuly I can reach 5 billion ISK JUST from manufacturing. Invention is going good so far, I don't think that any changes will be made in that area, I just might get a copy alt or maybe 2 copy alts, because I have the skills on two characters for invention, also the corporation "Dorcol Trading" doesn't exist anymore, I movede Nikola Dorcolac to "Dorcol Research ltd" so I can also invent with this character. I will also continue doing trading as much as I can, at the moment I have a lot of liquid ISK, so investing into manufacturing and invention will not affect my trading buisiness. Depending on how much time i play, and how much luck I have I hope to make something between 7 and 10 billion ISK next month.

Goals for Secong Month
- Get manufacturing slots running 24/7
- Make a copy alt
- Run invention 24/7
- Get a medium or large POS (if needed)
- Make just from manufacturing 5 billion ISK
- Start training for a freighter 
- Make a total of 7-10 billion ISK (trading + manufacturing)

We will see at the end of the second month how much success I had. I would also like to hear your thoughts on that as well so feel free to comment, let me know do you think it is possible to make 10 billion a month or is it just fiction.

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