недеља, 01. април 2012.

Day Analasys

1. Day Analasys

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Today I suffered a loss of 212 million ISK, mainly due to some investments into manufacturing and invention. Into invention I invested around 38 million ISK, I am just testing some waters with that, in the upcoming days I hope to have more investments into that area. And in manufacturing went major part of my funds today, around 350 million ISK and I am expecting around 50-80 million ISK profit from that.

2. Upcoming Investments

I have finished some invention and I got 58 T2 BPCs with 10 runs ME and PE -4, so I will invest into manufacturing those items, we will yet see how much ISK will be needed for that investment. As far as invention goes, I am as I said earlier testing some items and the market, so in the upcoming few days there won't be any big investments in that area.

3. BPC Aquisition

So far I had no big issues with the T1 BPCs for invention, but as my buisiness grows it turns out that I will need one character just to copy the BPOs, so I will be looking into training one as soon as possible. I will have two characters for invention and manufacturing and one for copying. It just needs time.

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