недеља, 15. април 2012.


1. Update

At the moment I am still strugling to recover from my loses from that suicide gank, I am around 500 million ISK in loss this month so far, and I have upcoming obligation to buy another PLEX, I hope that I will at least have positive balance at the end of this month.

Couple of items that I made, are falling down in prices, so my profits are getting really low, I am looking of new items to make in order to make some better profit margins.

Sorry I didn't have any updates last few days, it is because nothing important happened, I didn't want to post just numbers.

2. Revisiting Future Plans

As the things are going I doubt that I will make 7-10 billion ISK for this month, mostly because I didn't trade at all last few days, and my manufacturing items are falling in price, also 5 billion ISK profit from manufacturing also won't happan I guess. Medium POS will be up next month if my estimates are right.

I got a third account, buddy program, and I am training him for PvP, I will see how much I can get in 51 days of the account duration, but I itend to pay for that account on regular basis, not with ISK, but with real life money.

3. Investment Opertunity

I am thinking of releasing the shares to the market so I can finance my operations to the full potencial, but I need to find a way of doing this that will satisfy both, me, and investors. I will keep you posted on this topic.

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